Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Door in the Dark

Open the door in the dark.....

And in a terrible sigh
The plants they wither and die
Without a heart made of rocks
You wander endlessly lost

Light in a box
Window of frost


Fires burn faster in wide open places --
Sing for the bellowing
Cry of the dazed
Hypnotic murmuring making complacent
Hours and eons
Hint at the faintest
Sight of forever encapsulated
In laces

And fade.....

So went the turn of the times
Long gone and drifting through life
All that you know is a fly
On a wall ready to die

So you cry...

And the door closed for an age.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Collage and spoons on canvas
©Copyright 2004 Jason J. Loya

I have been hesitant to post this piece because it is best viewed in person. While this simple fact goes for all fine art, it is particularly important in this case. In Sales Job, the art is in the details. At first glance, the piece almost always provokes the very reaction that I had hoped it would. It is only upon close examination that the truth of the piece is revealed. The spoons have been positioned in exactly the shape of the most standard 3:4, 27" television. They are collaged with articles on human struggle and/or suffering. My studies of media and awareness of their strategies, goals, and perceptions of you (the audience) have served as a foundation for this piece. Please take the time to take a closer look at this collage. The subject matter is one that I take very seriously and feel particularly passionate about.....And to those who only look for a moment or two - ENJOY!! :-D

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Time in My Life

This is a time in my life
A time in my life

This is a fly on a knife
A worm with a wife

This is the time of my life
This time the timing is right

What looks like water is dry
Sellable pride
Stay out and hide
Just don't go inside

I lied -------------

And the floor fell through the roof
And the medicine hides the truth

...All in one room.

©Copyright 2004 Jason J. Loya

Friday, August 05, 2005

Dirty Wings

©Copyright 1997 Jason J. Loya

This painting comes from a period in my life when I was unsure of many things. Life can be scary and confusing for a nineteen year old. This and other paintings at the time represent a dark period in my work when I used the medium to explore creative space that is hard to find when looking but easy to tap when present.