Sunday, July 18, 2010

At Age 32

I have been an actor, a director, an artist, an editor, a composer, a song writer, a guitarist, a singer, a writer, a photographer, a poet, an extra, a model, a geek, a physical therapy tech., a furniture salesman, a chicken pot pie salesman, an army/navy surplus store employee, a student, a swap meet vendor, a legal assistant, a web builder, a husband, a boyfriend, a lover, a producer, a dreamer, a thinker, a film festival technical director, a friend, an enemy, an optomist, a pessimist, an innovator, a fisherman, an object of affection, an object of resentment, a leader, a follower, a mental health worker, a telemarketer, a brother, a hero, a deceiver, a savior, a backstabber, a teacher, a runner, a surfer, a football player, a creator, a destroyer, a consumer, a user, a winner, the used, a loser, an intellectual, a sinner, a broken man, a resillient soul, a patient, a mad man, a ceo, a president, popular, unknown, obscure, admired, lost, found, lost again, medicated, alive, so far...
by Jason J. Loya