Monday, July 30, 2007

H.R. Giger

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Human Condition

Oil on Canvas

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Man Behind the Curtain

Alone - a loss -
A brief confusion--
And in the end
He took the time
To -- wait -- who?

The man behind the curtain--
The one who keeps you guessing--
The one with self disaster
Written on his eyes.
There's a man with
Catastrophic self destructive madness
Hidden in the being on the lawn--

It's catching you know
It's not what they say it is--

It's some kind of fervent flu -
A virus with a potent punch
And a plague to follow through...

He stands there on the lawn
Seemingly not blinking
Or not seeing
what he's done -
He waters all the plants
He does a lifeless dance
He frolics with the ants
And he waits for the final curtain call
But to no avail
For the stale stately smile
That washed up on his face
Is sterile as the sand upon the shore
And poisonous and bland
As a thousand tiny ants
As they dance a wicked dance
Or maybe more...

©Copyright 2007 Jason J. Loya

Adam's Apple

A wayward wind
A wayward man
A toxic din

Long last
A Sanity
A vigilance
A rarity

What's wrong
With undue guilt?
With what you've felt?
With hand made hell?

Cuts deep
And bleeds a bit
And bites your lip
And takes a sip

Not that
You had a chance
You wore the pants
You stood your stance

Knew well
It wouldn't last
It had to pass
It had to crash

Just when
You thought you won
You had your fun
You made your run

A waning trend
A fading wind
A fallen man.

©Copyright 2007 Jason J. Loya

The State of Things

Hoorah! Hooray!
It's yesterday!
And tomorrow
Has come and gone!

©Copyright 2007 Jason J. Loya

In the Stillness of Night

Light in the corner
In a dimly lit room
What is that odor?
Is it lying sweet perfume?
Toxic ruminations
Feed on misconfigured mind
And animals would shiver
With the wild breeze of time
Are we growling?
Are we growing?
Have the ants shown any slowing
In their purposeful rendition
Of a line?
Have the ants shown any slowing
In the corner that is glowing
In the dimly lighted room
So full of lies?

©Copyright 2007 Jason J. Loya