Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Le Pique Nique

©Copyright 2006 Jason J. Loya

I covered up an old self portrait with this painting. I just didn't like it. I painted it back in around 1999 and finally had enough. So Le Pique Nique was born. I thought a lot about decay after I painted this one. It is oil, plastic ants, pencil, and twine on canvas -- 20"x30"

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Portrait of a Man

This is one of the first paintings that I ever did. It's from around 1994. Anything that I did before this was just a warm up - or I was doing a lot of drawing. I used oil and acrylic. It is 9"x12". I unearthed this painting recently and photographed it. Upon doing so, the image re-inspired me and I thought it would be interesting to digitally manipulate it in my computer (something I never do out of respect for the art). Since it had been so long and I had all but forgotten about this piece, I felt the move was justified. Here is the 21st century digital version: