Thursday, February 08, 2007

Large Spider

All images ©2006 Jason J. Loya

This is the huge spider that was setting up shop outside my apartment before it so graciously gave its life to art. He is now immortalized in the center of the red rubber band circle in Project X².

Project X²

Mixed Media on Canvas 30"x40"

This is a piece that I worked with Robyn Gorgos on for about 2 years. We did Project X before this and really liked what came out of the effort. This one took much longer because we just couldn't seem to settle on a feel or a style. After several different images inhabited this canvas, the thing finally started to come together in the fall of 2006. The canvas now contains so many great ingredients and textures, I don't think they can all be listed here. These are a few: paint, marker, rubber band, real ants, plastic ants, string, plastic army man, giant spider, rubber glove, neck tie, oil pastel, tape, encaustic, grass, dirt, carpet fuzz, thermostat wire, thread, and the letter f. I really enjoyed doing this project and I think it makes a great pair with Project X. A lot of emotion and care went into this piece as Robyn and I each went through different things in our lives over the course of its creation. While it is best viewed in person to appreciate all of the texture and complexity, this blog will have to do for now. Here's to Project X²!