Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sublimation of Grief

Sublimation of Grief
Oil on Canvas 48"x30"
©Copyright 2005 Jason J. Loya

This is my latest creation. It took many MANY months to complete and went through several dramatic changes before I settled on this composition and style. I was inspired by Salvador Dali and other masters of surrealism but personalized the concepts for myself. The beetles in this painting are taken directly from a specific and vivid dream that I had back in September of '04.


Jeffrey Champ said...

You finished! Awesome!

Jeron Moore said...

Jason, hey man!! Just been browsing and re-absorbing the work you've posted thus far. Great work, and I love this Sublimation of Grief piece you just completed. Congratulations man.


Rebecca Loya said...

hey, this looks great! it turned out really well. i wish the computer monitor let me see it in more detail. i can barely see the beetles. i guess i'll have to wait til i can see it in person. anyway, congrats on finishing! it looks really good.

Kathryn said...

uh huh huh huh.... she's naked

Wow I didn't know LA had any actually talented people... congradulations on being the first one I've met!