Monday, February 27, 2006

More about Hand Made Hole

I received an interesting and very negative comment about the piece shown below and thought I'd clarify. It has been mistaken twice for an attempt at surrealism which is odd because it is not even a painting. It is a mixed media abstract conceptual piece using rubber bands and various other media. I do have a few pieces in my collection that are more surreal. Over the course of my twelve plus years as a painter, I've dabbled in various styles and media - of course always with the purpose of challenging myself to grow and enrich my expression. In any case, I have always done whatever comes to me and have been quite successful with that approach. In this case, Hand Made Hole is an expression of the pain and confusion surounding some very personal events in my life including the sudden destruction of my marriage and the chaos and agony that followed. It is in no way under the sun even remotely surreal. I appreciate all comments on my work but appreciate it even more if you take the time to view several pieces before jumping to any conclusions about me as an artist. My work is uniquely varied in style and it therefore takes a close look at more than just one painting to understand what I do. Thank you for visiting!


becca said...

What were the negative comments? I didn't see any comments on that post. Just curious.