Saturday, May 27, 2006

Slither Slither the Letter "F"

Oil on Canvas

This painting is the product of my frustration with a surreal painting that I was doing for just about the longest time. It was a painting with a house of sorts that had a face and a man curled up in the upper left window. On the roof, were two bugs -- one with the head of a dog...just like the dream that I had over a year ago. I had been working off and on for the past year on the relatively small canvas when finally I just lost all inspiration to go forward. Rather than trudge on and finish just because I had started, I decided to forget the surreal project altogether. I decided to just let my insides guide me as I covered up all the work I had done and when I finished a few days later, I was very happy. I used a lot of paint and a pallet knife. I also used rubber bands and the plastic ants that I had received in the mail in the middle of the process (perfect timing). I realize that the plasitc ants are difficult to make out on the screen so I have posted some close ups of the ants to accompany the painting. They are located on the far left in a dark area, on the upper right in a dark area, in the lower right next to the yellow arc, and at the bottom in a dark area. The yellow magnetic letter "F" is one that I found while I was shopping for a sofa. What a find! Please enjoy the painting.