Monday, February 07, 2005

Control Room

For anyone who wants to know more about Al Jezeera and the press coverage of the Iraq war, or even if you think you already know a lot about it, I HIGHLY reccommend the film "Control Room." Rent it, buy it, or borrow it. If you ever think about "freedom of speech" -- what it means and how it is practiced, you must see this film. I gurantee it is not one that will receive ANY attention from mainstream American media. Despite this, it is an incredibly balanced, honest, and informative film -- a genuine eye opener. Here is a link for much more information on this piece: CONTROL ROOM


kbo said...

Remember how angry we all were about the sickeningly obvious lies and propaganda being crammed down our countrymen's throats up to and during the war? This movie will bring it all back for you in a very powerful way. Highly recommend it.