Thursday, January 13, 2005

Project X

Project X
Oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, wire, and cardboard on canvas
48in. x 30in.
©Copyright 2002 Jason J. Loya & Robyn T. Gorgos

This is a painting that has a very cool story behind it. A talented artist and a good friend of mine for the past twelve years, Robyn Gorgos, co-created this piece with me. He was living in San Diego at the time and I was here in L.A. He would usually come up to visit every month or so and we decided it would be a good idea for each of us to work on a canvas and exchange them the next time we got together. Robyn and I have different styles but many similar influences. Each time we got the chance to work on the piece, it had changed. It allowed us to gain a new perspective constantly. We had to add something to the piece and even shift the focus without taking anything away. It was a great challenge. In the end, the canvases had changed hands five or six times. One turned out great -- the other just never quite felt right. This is the one that we like.


Anonymous said...

This project was a struggle at times, but we got one realy good painting out of it. I hope, or should I say I know, that this is just one of many great joint projects that we will do together. Here is to the times we have ahead of us. May they be full of creativity, passion, and a little bit of fun. Until next time... Robyn Gorgos.

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